Yi Xin Tong

Yi Xin Tong (b.1988, Lushan, China) is currently a New York-based artist. He received his BFA from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver in 2012 and MFA from New York University in 2014. In poetic and absurd languages, he uses multimedia installation, site-specific project, video, and sound to analyze seemingly desperate social conditions, and our contradictory relationships with ourselves and with other living beings, objects, and cultural entities. His experience living on the outskirts of NYC led him to a long-term multimedia fishing project that challenges the iconic image of that city as the pinnacle of human civilization. His work has been exhibited at BRIC Biennial, Guangzhou Airport Biennale, UCCA, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, NARS Foundation, CAFA Art Museum, and chi K11 art museum. Tong has received a Canada Council for the Arts Project Grant and Joan Mitchell Foundation Scholarship.

Aggression Project - Spider and Trampoline


Jacquard tapestry,galvanized metal tube,steel eye bolts

64" X 90" X 3"