Jean Shin

Jean Shin (b.1971, Seoul, South Korea) is widely recognized for her monumental installations that transform everyday leftover objects into elegant expressions of identity and community. Shin is known for her sculptures and installations made through elaborate processes using accumulated recycled materials. Her work Intervals (2013-on-going) uses audio tape to alludeto the ephemeral nature of music and culture at large; while in another installation of 35mm slides, Projections #1-5 (2018) calls into question our blind faith in technological advancement and the very idea of progress. She seeks to recall an object’s past, as well as suggests its greater connection to our collective memories, desires and failures. Her work has been widely exhibited in major national and international museums, including solo exhibitions at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco (2020), Philadelphia Museum of Art (2018), Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington DC (2009), and The Museum of Modern Art in New York (2004).

Jean Shin Intervals #20 - #30


Audio Tape on Paper, Tape Dimensions Variable

14" H X 20'' W

Projections #1 - #5

35 mm slides, Carousel, Pins, Lights
10" Dia. X 8' L