Robyn O'Neil

Robyn O’Neil (b.1977, Omaha, Nebraska) currently lives in Washington State. She mainly makes drawings and her “labor-intensive narrative drawings have a cinematic flair with Shakespearean-like titles that add to their mystery and intrigue.” Her work was included in the 2004 Whitney Biennial. She is the recipient of numerous grants and awards, including a Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant, an Artadia grant, and the 2009 Hunting Prize. O’Neil has had several traveling solo museum exhibitions in the United States, and her work is included in over fifty noted museums throughout the world. In 2019 she had her 20-year survey exhibition at Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. She received a grant from the Irish Film Board for a film written and art directed by her entitled “WE, THE MASSES” which was conceived of at Werner Herzog’s Rogue Film School. The film won several awards at respected film festivals upon its release.


Graphite on Paper

36.6 " X 44.5"

The Sky in Kerala


Graphite & Oil Pastel on Paper

16" X 19"

Cynthia & Diana


Graphite and Prisma on Paper

25.75" X 33"